• For me it is a privilege to present the educational model of Alegra. What is most important at Alegra is not teaching but learning. The student is at the centre. And likewise the teacher, because she is part of the ongoing research, innovation and learning that make up the DNA of our school. Learning has much to do with motivation and enthusiasm: enthusiasm to understand rather than to know; to form habits in our students rather than to accumulate activities and information. “Hands on” is more important than “talking about”; formation more important than information.

    Alegra’s aim is to give its students a broad and deep intellectual training, to teach them to think with rigor, in depth and creatively; and with the joy which is characteristic of youth. Our parents are our closest allies in this ambitious project. 

    Welcome to Alegra.

    Vicky Muller – Headmistress

  • Teachers

    One of the key characteristics of Alegra is the teaching staff. We take very special care in the selection of our teachers because we want them to be an inspiration to our students in order to help each one to reach her maximum potential.

    These are our Head of Stage:

  • Bernadette McDermid
    Head of Early Years

  • Gill Bradshaw
    Head of Primary

  • Kulvant Kaur
    Head of Secondary and Sixth Form