Secondary Stage

  • Secondary Stage:
    High Quality International Education

    At the end of the last year of Primary School (Year 6) the students begin the Middle Years Program (MYP) which is based on the contents of the Spanish system (LOMCE) and is taught under the methodology of the International Baccalaureate® (IB).

    In accordance with the philosophy of the IB programs, in Alegra:

    The student is the protagonist of his own learning
    The new methodology implies that the student develops approaches to learning skills, they are able to take responsibility of their own learning and understand how knowledge itself is constructed. They take responsibility for their own educational progress, so that students are not mere spectators any more, but active agents of their own learning process. Students are encouraged to think critically, inquiry and challenge assumptions. These are features that we want to promote in Alegra students.

    Vertical and cross-curricular approach
    At Alegra, we treat different subjects with a transversal focus and we work the projects in a cross-curricular way integrating different subjects to expand the field of knowledge and promote in the students the ability to reason and relate.

    Curriculum content and skills
    In Alegra’s curriculum, the development of skills has an important curricular weight. We maintain a high level in the main subjects of each course, developing in a very particular way the Mathematics and the Humanities. On the other hand, through own subjects, of great importance in the school life of the school, such as Music, Speech & Debate, Sports and Art & Crafts, we enhance skills such as emotional intelligence, leadership, creativity, oratory, critical ability, etc.

    Classes are taught in an innovative and collaborative way
    Alegra Digital Project. In order to improve and embrace the digital competence education, the school has implemented the iPad as a tool to encourage this skill, using both specialised platforms and contents, as well as educational apps. The use of these technologies gives a greater role to the student as an active subject of learning and allows them a training more adapted to their professional future.

    Multilingual approach
    Our students participate in the Cambridge English program to prepare the Cambridge official exams during their school hours. In addition, they have the possibility to participate in our International program and take periods or courses in other schools abroad with which we have an agreement. In the Secondary stage they continue with French as a third language and have the possibility of studying German as an optional subject.

    Open-minded and solidarity approach
    One of the most important aspects in Alegra’s entire school life is the human and spiritual formation that the students acquire. The objective of the school is to form respectful, responsible and solidary people. For this reason virtues are worked on in a transversal manner, such as generosity, strength, hard work, spirit of overcoming and, above all, an attitude of service to others. The school encourages volunteer activities and solidarity actions not only among the students, but among all the families and the school community.


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