Primary Stage

  • Primary Stage
    British Modern Education

    Just like in Early Years, the Primary Stage at Alegra is British, therefore we follow the National Curriculum from Year 1 (5 years old) to Year 6 (11 years old).

    In Alegra the National Curriculum is engaging with high standards in literacy and numeracy. It offers a rich, broad and balanced curriculum and a happy, safe and supportive atmosphere.

    This Curriculum allows children:

    • ­Be willing to have a go.
    • ­Be involved in their learning and concentrating.
    • ­Have their own ideas. Promotes critical thinking.
    • ­Choose ways to do things.
    • ­Enjoy achieving what they set out to do

    A more personalized education

    We work with real differentiation within the classroom. Teachers works with different levels tailoring instruction to meet individual needs. That means a more personalized education, each child progresses at their own pace and learns in their own style. This allows the girls to be more creative and involved in their own learning. We also promote their critical thinking and debating skills.

    We do continual assessment and monitoring in the classroom. Children have targets and goals to enable them to achieve the objectives set.

    We have a great team of teachers -most of them are native speakers from English speaking countries.  We also have some excellent, British qualified bilingual Spanish teachers – making Alegra a rich, multi-cultural place.


    “Promote critical thinking 
    and enjoy achieving 
    what they set out 
    to do. Help them to
    flourish their personal


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