• The House System

    The house system is a way of structuring the school vertically. The system fosters the feeling among students that they belong to a group which extends from the bottom to the top of the school. There are four houses in the School: North, South, East and West. They compete in various activities, among which is the School House Cup.

    The house system is widely used in British schools and schools which follow the British model. It originated in boarding schools in which the students ate and slept in different houses during the school year. The system continues to be used in some British boarding schools.

    In our school and in today’s terms, “House” refers only to a group of students who belong to the same “team” which extends right through the school. Traditionally houses take their names from saints, famous people or animals, and, in the case of the top British schools, from geographical locations or famous historical people or events. Each house has its own colour, spirit and customs which make it unique.