Baccaleaureate Stage

  • Baccaleaureate – Diploma Program
    Excellent preparation to enter the University

    After completing Middle Years Program (MYP), Alegra students will access the Diploma Program (DP) of the International Baccalaureate. The students continue with the methodology acquired in the Secondary stage to complete the process of their education in Alegra.

    El DP focuses on personal, professional and academic development and is globally recognized by universities for the holistic and rigorous education it provides.

    The two programmes (MYP and DP)  are philosophically aligned, each centred on developing attributes of the IB learner profile. The programmes are consistent in their pedagogical approach.

    The PD Curriculum

    The curriculum is made up of the DP core and six subject groups.
    Made up of the three required components, the DP core  aims to broaden students’ educational experience and challenge them to apply their knowledge and skills. The six subject groups are:

    • Studies in language and literature
    • Language acquisition
    • Individuals and societies
    • Sciences.
    • Mathematics
    • The arts

    There are different courses within each subject group. The three core elements are:

    • Theory of knowledge, in which students reflect on the nature of knowledge and on how we know what we claim to know.
    • The extended essay, which is an independent, self-directed piece of research, finishing with a 4,000-word paper.
    • Creativity, activity, service, in which students complete a project related to those three concepts.

    How is the DP evaluation?

    When students complete the program, they take written exams that are corrected by external IB examiners. Besides, they carry our evaluation tasks in the school that are evaluated by the professors and later revised by external moderators, or sent directly to external examiners.

    Examinations form the basis of the assessment for most courses. This is because of their high levels of objectivity and reliability. This include:

    • essays
    • structured problems
    • short-response questions
    • data-response questions
    • text-response questions
    • case-study questions
    • multiple-choice questions – though these are rarely used.

    Teacher assessment is also used for most courses. This includes:

    • oral work in languages
    • fieldwork in geography
    • laboratory work in the sciences
    • investigations in mathematics
    • artistic performances.


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