Secondary Stage

  • Secondary Stage.
    International Education.

    Alegra is an applicant school for the IB (international Baccalaureate ® DP and MYP programs. The school has started to implement the MYP program in the secondary stage years (ESO) in the academic year 2016/ 2017.

    The Alegra educational way and vision shares the essential features of the IB philosophy:

    • Personal development, 360º education focused on the student
    • Development of personal skills and abilities
    • Personalised education, adapted to each student
    • Encouragement of personal responsibility and initiative
    • Internationalisation
    • Global context subjects, multilingual environment
    • Promotes service, friendship and solidarity

    Focus on the student

    The new methodology implies that the student develops approaches to learning skills, they are able to take responsibility of their own learning and understand how knowledge itself is constructed. They take responsibility for their own educational progress, so that students are not mere spectators any more, but active agents of their own learning process. Students are encouraged to think critically, inquiry and challenge assumptions. These are features that we want to promote in Alegra students.

    Vertical and cross-curricular approach

    At Alegra, we approach different subjects with a vertical and horizontal approach, we work different projects on a cross curricular basis. This way, students receive a complete education in a global and real context.

    Curriculum content and skills

    At Alegra subject contents and skills have the same curricular weight. We maintain a high level in the main subjects of each course, developing in a very particular way the Mathematics and the Humanities. On the other hand, through own subjects, of great importance in the school life of the school, such as Music, Speech & Debate, Sports and Art & Crafts, we enhance skills such as emotional intelligence, leadership, creativity, oratory, critical ability …

    Digital competence

    In order to improve and embrace the digital competence education, the school has implemented the iPad as a tool to encourage this skill, using both specialised platforms and contents, as well as educational apps.

    Multilingual approach

    At Alegra we use the Spanish language in Secondary stage as main learning vehicle, as it is the mother tongue for most of our students. However, 55% of the subjects are given in English by native teachers. Our students have the opportunity to join our international program, and take a period of a time or an academic year to study in one of our partner schools abroad. Also, all students at this stage join the Cambridge University program for English speakers, in which the school provides the opportunity to take the official Cambridge University exams.

    Additionally, PAI students at Alegra study French as a third language, and are also given the opportunity to learn German as a fourth language.

    “The world is changing; the way of learning is different. We have to update the way of teaching and measuring learning progress. The iPad tool helps us in this challenge”.

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