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  • Welcome to the Alegra web page

    Here you will find information about our School, our philosophy and our educational project. If you would like to find out more, we invite you to come to one of our Special Open Days and to spend the day with us.
    • About Alegra

      We are a school for girls –both boys and girls in Infants. Our main objective: educate the whole person, so that our students become both exemplary citizens and agents of change in society.

    • Our 5 pillars

      Educate with the family
      Global and social vision
      Our own Educational model
      Christian formation

    • The Alegra model

      The education which we offer at Alegra, in human, academic, cultural, spiritual and esthetic terms – is aimed at the whole person and is based on a transcendental vision of human existence.

    • Our educational Project

      In our academic model, subject content and skills go hand in hand. We also give great importance not only to mathematics and the humanities, but also, throughout school life, to our own optatives such as music, games and artistic expression.

  • Trending topic

    We all aware of the importance of teaching children to recycle from an early Age. This will help the to become environmentally responsible when they grow up. They need to be aware of the environmental dangers currently facing our planet.
    In Alegra, we are conscious of the necessity to help create a better, cleaner environment. We fully realise the importance of making children understand that recycling is vital in the conservation of our planet as a better place to live in.
    School can play an important role in teaching students about the benefits of recycling. Arts and Crafts are an excellent way of recycling and reuising materials and can demonstrate to the students that recycling can be so much fun.

    Alegra digital / Proyecto Ipad

    En el curso 2015-2016, nuestra etapa de Secundaria se convierte digital e introducimos el Ipad en las aulas como herramienta educativa.

  • The House System

    Unity, team-work, solidarity
  • Inter-House competitions

    The House System is a way of structuring the School vertically into four Houses – North, South, East and West – to foster the feeling among students that they belong to a group which extends from the bottom to the top of the school. They compete in various activities, among which is the School House Cup.

  • Northern House


  • Southern House


  • Eastern House


  • Western House


  • School Life

  • Here you can access the services most frequently used by parents:

    • Bus routes

      Download the calendar & timetables of the school bus routes

    • Diary

      Consult the school diary and export your favourite events to your smartphone or tablet

    • Chaplaincy

      Get to know the activities prepared each week by our chaplains, Don Pablo Molero and Don José Brage.

    • Dining room

      Home made food prepared daily in our own kitchens with fine quality ingredients.

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  • Our teachers

    One of the key elements of Alegra is the teaching staff. We take special care in the selection of our teachers because we want them to inspire their students and help each one to achieve her full potential.

    These are our teachers:

  • Yvonne Body - Head of Infants

    Yvonne Body
    Head of Infants

  • María Torrego - Head of Primary

    María Torrego
    Head of Primary

  • Gill Bradshaw - Head of Primary

    Gill Bradshaw
    Head of Primary

  • Inés Somolinos - Head of Secondary

    Inés Somolinos
    Head of Secondary

  • Meet our Staff
    • Generar optimismo y alegría de un modo diferente , con mucha dedicación, esfuerzo y creatividad….

      María Basagoiti
    • Este colegio es… un soplo de aire fresco

      Eugenio Aguinaga
    • Formando mujeres completas

      Felicia Martínez
    • Es el mejor Colegio. Nuestra hija es feliz allí y además aprende!

      Manuel López
    • Compromiso, dedicación y mucha ALEGRIA!!

      Inés Gaytán de Ayala
  • Location

    Where we are
  • Contact us

    Te atenderemos en todo momento
    • Address

      C/Sorolla, 4.
      Carretera de Pozuelo a Majadahonda.
      Majadahonda (Madrid)

    • Phone number

      91 639 79 03

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